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Beauty. Strength. Protection. A quality roof is more than just a covering—it shows pride in your home. At Rhino Roofing Solutions, we deliver the workmanship, materials and care that your project deserves.

A cornerstone of Rhino Roofing Solutions is our service difference. With over 25 years in the industry, our family-owned company provides hands-on, personalised solutions for you and your family. Our team members come to you in Melbourne: 7 days a week, at the time that suits you.

We only use Australian materials made for Australian conditions. That means your house is given ultimate protection against extreme Melbourne weather. No more wear and tear.

We repair and replace roofs with tailor-made options, including over 30 colour choices and a colour matching service. After a thorough inspection, we find a solution that suits your vision and budget. We even offer interest-free terms (T.A.P).

Our range of services include:

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Rhino Roofing - Specialist Roof Repairs Melbourne

Maintaining your roof is a very important investment. A leaky roof can cause damage not only to your furniture, carpets and curtains, but can also cause more severe damage that can be very, very expensive to repair. You might have a brand new home or you may live in an older heritage listed building. Either way you should always make sure your roof is properly sealed and in a state of good repair.

A worn out or damaged roof is not only unsightly, but may no longer be weatherproof. A roof that allows in moisture and wind can lead to more serious structural problems that can weaken load-bearing walls and even adversely affect the foundations of your home. Proper roof repair is therefore essential and you should make sure you use qualified professionals who work to the standards laid down by the Australian National Construction Code (NCC) and who therefore fully understand all the complex issues involved with roofing.

Rhino Roofing are a family run firm who for 25 years have been making sure the people of Melbourne live underneath safe, secure and properly installed and maintained roofs. We understand that each of our homes is unique to us and we provide a highly personalised service to all our clients. We realise that "the home" is the place where we raise our families, where we relax after a tough day's work and which we decorate and furnish exactly according to our own wishes. Our home is the single most important location in all our lives. So it makes good sense to ensure that the ultimate protector of our home, the roof, is in good shape, and for that you need dedicated professionals who are qualified and certified to provide effective emergency roof repairs and general roof repair and replacement

It is well worth spending a little time getting to know the signs that indicate problems with your roof. And do not forget, the earlier you spot trouble the easier and cheaper it will be to fix. Leaving something as important as your roof to rot can not only end up being a very costly mistake, but, in the worst case, might involve you having to move you and your family out of your home while emergency roof repairs are completed.

Rhino Roofing are a local firm who specialise in Melbourne roof repairs and who understand the local issues involving roof repairs. Melbourne has a pretty good climate and does not suffer as badly as some places in Australia from cyclones and other weather extremes. It does, however, still gets its fair share of bad weather that can damage your roof. This is especially true if your roof is poorly maintained, weakened by rot or was poorly installed in the first place. In addition, any other equipment you may have on your roof, such as solar panels or whirly birds can prove to be weak points. So regular inspection is a must.

Rhino Roofing strongly advise you to give your roof a good check at least once a year and definitely after a severe storm. There are several signs you can look for that could indicate a problem and if you have any doubts please call us and arrange for one of our experts to come and make sure all is well. This is especially true when it comes to commercial roof repairs, where problems could adversely affect your business operations.

Leaky roof repairs are not too costly if the problem is identified early. Here are a few clues that could indicate you need a good roof repair service:

Have a look outside and examine the overall shape of your roof. If your roof looks like it is sagging in places this can often indicate serious problems with the roof's support structure, such as your roof trusses. If the wood used to provide support has rotted or otherwise deteriorated, this is a strong signal that you should call us to get a professional opinion.

Have a look inside your house for damp areas on the ceiling and check for peeling paint, both of these signs can mean you need a good roof repair company. Also check for any cracks or misshapen plaster, another sign that you could be suffering from water damage.

Check you bills. If you notice you seem to be paying more for your heating or cooling bills without any real change in your normal usage, this can also be a more subtle sign that indicates that your roof may be letting in more wind and air than before.

Steel and Metal Roofs

Steel roofs are durable, lightweight, require minimal maintenance and are easily adaptable for different roof styles.

Metal roofs can be coated and treated with different finishes which will improve their suitability as a roofing material. Alloy coatings will help resist corrosion; polyester coatings will help retain colour and protect the steel.

Steel and the other types of metal used for roofing are very resilient and should give you many years of trouble-free protection. All metal roofs, however, will eventually suffer from rust and corrosion, but generally not bad enough to let in the rain. The most common areas where damage can occur is around flashing, the flat, folded sheets used for covering joints between a wall and the roof at the gable ends of buildings.

Another place to look for potential problems are where roof mounted additions, such as whirly birds or a solar hot water service, are installed. The problem here can be that two different types of metal, when in contact with each other, can cause "galvanic corrosion", also called "bimetallic corrosion". Without getting too technical it means that one metal will corrode more than the other, creating weak spots that, if not treated, can develop into a bigger problem.

Another significant place to check for damage to metal roofs is where there are any nails, bolts and other fixings. Loose fixings can allow the metal sheets to move in very windy weather, which in turn can let in rain. In a severe storm, the loose fixing can become even looser because of the constant stress caused by the wind effect on the metal panel. Strong forces can be generated when the metal panel starts acting like a sail and stresses the fixings. If you suffered from poor workmanship during installation this can result in weak fixings and weak joins which will require repair

Swarf can also be a problem. Swarf are the small offcuts and debris left over from working with the metal. If you have ever drilled into metal and seen the spiral curly debris that comes up the drill, that is swarf. Swarf will eventually corrode and cause staining on a roof which will prematurely corrode the roof.

Tile Roof Repair

There are several different tiling options available which all offer different advantages, looks and styles. As with all tile roofing options it is important to regularly check the condition of your roof, particularly after heavy weather or high winds.

Dislodged tiles are the most obvious thing to look for, but it is advisable to get an expert in occasionally to check that all is well beneath the tiles because this is often an area that will fail before you find any problems with the tiles themselves.

Rhino Roofing can not stress enough the importance of using properly trained roofers to carry out any detailed tile roof inspection. Apart from being highly dangerous, an untrained foot can do even more damage and vastly increase the cost of repairing and maintaining your roof.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete tiles are highly durable and if properly maintained the high quality tiles can last for over 50 years, although the type of underlay and batten may require maintenance before the tiles themselves, again, get a Rhino Roofing expert in for a professional opinion. Concrete tiles can also be designed to look like wooden shingles, slate or stone thereby producing a more aesthetically pleasing effect.

Concrete tiles are often chosen as an alternative to terracotta tiles. They are made from sand, cement and water and can be either painted or have colour mixed-in during the casting process, which gives a longer-lasting colour definition.

Both terracotta and concrete roof tiles are produced in a wide variety of profiles. These different shapes are then used to create attractive patterns and enhance a house 'style'. Their functional use is also protection and to channel rainwater off the roof.

Concrete tiles are a cheaper alternative to terracotta roofing tiles, but that does not mean they are less effective. Indeed their ability look the same as various other roof tile offerings, such as wooden shingles, slate, and stone tiles provides a more affordable, durable, stronger tile that requires less maintenance. Because of their strength they are safer to walk on during maintenance and installation, particularly when compared to their terracotta counterparts.

Concrete tiles can be heavy, inducing more stress on load bearing walls and foundations. There are more lightweight concrete tiles available, but they can be more expensive and are not as durable. Some lightweight tiles can also be damaged by heavy hail.

Terracotta Roof Tiles

Terracotta or ceramic shingle roof tiles provide an attractive, well-insulated roof surface that is ideal for use in most climates. The tiles are available in many different shapes and a range of colours.

Terracotta is a clay-based ceramic and is a very common roofing material in Australia. Terracotta has a long and stylish history as a roofing material and can be found in use around the world. They are available either unglazed, in their classic red-orange colour, or they can be glazed to provide a more dynamic looking, glossy finish.

Terracotta tiles have overlapping, interlocking rows and come in a range of styles that enhance either a modern or more traditional home style.

Terracotta roofs have been known to last hundreds of years if properly maintained. It is waterproof and fire resistant, and offers excellent protection from the elements. The most important factor is how professionally the tiles were installed and maintained. Regular maintenance prevents the formation of lichen or moss and ensures that tiles do not become dislodged.

Terracotta tile roofs are heavier than steel roofs, but weigh less than concrete tiles. They are, however, more brittle and can break when hit with force. Extra caution is needed when installing additional roof objects such as solar panels, whirly birds and solar hot water systems.

Slate Roof Tiles

Slate roofs look really good and are very durable and provide good insulation and noise control. Slate has been used around the world for hundreds of years for both floors and roofs. Large slabs of slate are split into flat, thin slices which become an excellent material for tiles. They are a strong and lightweight roofing material.

Slate is a high quality building material and is a more expensive roofing alternative. Over the long-term, however, slate can easily last for over a hundred years, again if properly maintained.

Generally it is not the slate that fails, but the underlay, battens and fixing that will need attention before the slate. Nails rust and fail causing the tiles to become loose and slip out of place. Rhino Roofing strongly recommend using specially treated nails and a fixed schedule of expert periodic maintenance which will guarantee a long-lasting, trouble free roof.

Rhino Roofing - Roof Repairs Melbourne

Repairing or restoring roofs is not a job for the untrained. Firstly, the work involves working at height and requires the proper equipment to prevent falls, which from even a low roof can be fatal.

It is very dangerous walking on roofs, even for a qualified professional. The average householder will not have had the vital training that is necessary to work safely: we say "Please don't try this at home". Call Rhino Roofing and let us take the risks for which we are trained and have years of experience of successfully installing, maintaining and repairing roofs of all types.

We are local to the Melbourne area and therefore familiar with both the most usual and unusual roofing requirements. Whether it is general repair and maintenance or more serious emergency repair work, we will solve your problem safely and in the most cost-effective way. We can ensure you and your house remain for many years the unique home that you have created.

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Roof Restorations
Put the strength back in your roof

Roof restorations can strengthen and prolong the life of your roof. Rhino Solution only uses Australian materials specifically made for Australian conditions. That way your house is given the best protection against extreme weather.

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Gutter Replacement
No more rust

Need to replace your gutter or downpipe? Get it right the first time with Rhino Roofing Solutions. We only use Australian-made products with 20-year manufacturer guarantees.

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Solafan Roof Ventilator
Lowers temperature and reduce moisture

The Solafan solar-powered roof ventilator is your easy, low-cost cooling solution. It lowers temperatures and reduces moisture without wiring, plumbing or running costs. Contact us now for more information!

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