Vacuum Gutter Cleaning Hastings

Removing leaves and dirt from your gutters

Vacuum Gutter Cleaning

Vacuum Gutter and Solar Panel Cleaning Hastings

Blocked gutters or downpipes can pose serious risk to your property and your family’s safety. Rather than draining away, water can flow over the gutters or underneath the fascia. This can result in:

  • Structural property damage. Water can leak through your roof, damaging ceilings, walls, windows and valuable household appliances. Insurance companies are increasingly refusing to pay out on water damage caused by blocked gutters and drainpipes.
  • Damaged gutters and drainpipes. Your drainage system will have a dramatically shorter lifespan.
  • A household fire hazard. A build-up of leaves and other debris around your gutter is highly flammable.
We also clean Solar Panels.

It pays to get your solar panels cleaned at least once a year. Even a small amount of dirt can decrease your solar panel’s output by as much as 25%. This can cost you money and power efficiency.

The team at Rhino Roofing Solutions can perform a professional solar panel cleaning service. We’ll do the job in a safe, quick and effective way.

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