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Old, rusting or poorly installed gutters? A poorly maintained gutter can leak and cause damage to your ceilings and walls. That’s why it’s important to act fast.

Our team at Rhino Roofing Solutions are industry professionals with over 25 years experience. They’ll assess your gutters then provide a repair or replacement option. All our plumbers are fully licensed. We also issue compliance certificates in line with licensing authorities.

We only use Australian-made products specifically designed for our country’s harsh conditions. You’ll gain peace of mind with a 20 year manufacturer guarantee and professional installation.

Every home is different. That’s why we offer you a huge range of colours and styles to suit your home. You even have the option of metal fascia covers so you’ll never have to paint your fascia boards again!

Rhino Roofing Solutions uses DURAKOTE®, a painted steel specifically designed for the rainwater products industry. You’ll receive a highly durable material with superior corrosion resistance to withstand harsh weather conditions. It also comes with a 20-year rainwater product warranty that covering gutter, fascia and downpipe.


gutter downspout repairGet superior strength protection with DURAKOTE®, manufactured from the world-renowned steel substrate Aluzinc (Al-Zn 55%). Rhino Roofing Solutions only deals with substrates that comply with the standard ASTM A792M.

The Paint Finish

metal gutter repairWe give your home and gutters a premium paint finish with quality polyester paint. You’ll be protected against all weather conditions with a modern oven-baked finish that resists flaking and peeling. Your product will last for many years to come and comply with Australian standard AS2728.

Colour Choice

home gutter repairWe offer a wide range of DURAKOTE® colour choices to suit the style of your home. Our team will match any steel roofing colour available in the market. The DURAKOTE® advanced coating system and premium grade substrate (AZ165) Ace Products are compatible with any painted steel roof.

Australian Made & Owned

repair rain guttersRhino Roofing Solutions uses only Australian-made products uniquely adapted to Australian conditions. These products include Ace Gutters, established in 1953 with manufacturing plants that control the entire product process: painting, slitting, roll forming, die-casting, powder coating, storing and transportation. They proudly display the Australian Made & Owned Logo on gutter, downpipe, fascia, fascia cover, barge soaker and valley produced by DURAKOTE®.

Protective Plastic Film

leaking gutter repairThe DURAKOTE® protective plastic film we use on your gutters is strengthened with a protective polyethylene strippable film.

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Colors and shapes
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Gutter Repairs Hastings

Leaky gutters can be noisy, very unsightly and are a pain to live with. If left to continue to degrade, you may be too late to prevent serious problems. As with everything to do with roof gutter repair, the earlier you spot a problem the cheaper and easier it will be to fix.

Modern guttering and spouting (downpipes) will provide many years of problem free use. So much so that people can become complacent about regularly checking their guttering. Rhino Roofing strongly recommend checking your guttering at least once a year and also after heavy rain and strong wind storms. Gutter repair and cleaning is essential to preserving the waterproofing of your home.

Australian homes, particularly in Hastings, get a large amount of rain, and sometimes torrential, especially in some of those summer storms. Neglecting your basic gutter cleaning can cause serious damage because of leaks caused by blocked, loose or damaged guttering and downpipes. If you notice a build-up of leaves or other debris in your guttering, remove them. You can save yourself a lot of problems by this simple act of good home maintenance and greatly reduce your gutter repair cost.

There are, however, times when there is severe damage to your gutter installation and repair requires an expert and professional solution. The team here at Rhino Roofing Solutions will conduct a detailed assessment of your guttering system and then carefully design and propose a repair or replacement option. It is worth noting here that sometimes the best solution for failing guttering is to replace the whole guttering system.

We aim to be the superior choice among gutter repair companies which is why all our plumbers are fully licensed according to Australian national regulations. We also issue compliance certificates which conform to licensing authorities regulations. In addition, the quality of our workmanship must also conform to the standards expected by both the Master Builders Association and the Housing Industry Association.

In addition, your roof and gutter repair will come with a 20 year manufacturer's guarantee Rhino Roofing insist on using only Australian-made products specifically designed for Australia's sometimes extremely harsh conditions.

Guttering and downpipes are constantly challenged by the elements. Given a sufficient period of time, the condition of your gutter system will deteriorate. Careful and regular inspection is required to identify potential problems while they are small. Once a year and always after severe weather, take time to give your guttering system a close inspection. If you find weak or rusted spots, then at the very least, call us and we can make a thorough inspection, but be prepared that in many cases, a replacement is often the most cost-effective solution.

Rhino Roofing Gutter Repair and DURAKOTE ® ?

DURAKOTE ® is a painted steel specifically designed for the rainwater products industry. It is made from Aluzinc, a mixture of aluminium and zinc and is used to coat steel. This covering protects and preserves the steel within, while providing excellent weatherproofing on the outside. It also comes with a 20-year rainwater product warranty that covers gutter, fascia and downpipes.

DURAKOTE ® is manufactured from the world's most recognised steel substrate Aluzinc (Aluminium 55% and Zinc 45%) a substrate that complies with the American Society for Testing and Materials International standard ASTM A792M. This is a specific test of a material's "corrosion resistance or heat resistance, or both."

A full description of the tests is quoted, Heat analysis shall be performed wherein the steel materials shall conform to the required chemical compositions of carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulphur, aluminium, copper, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, columbium, titanium, nitrogen and boron. Mechanical tests shall be performed wherein the steel sheets shall conform to the required values of yield strength, tensile strength and elongation. Triple-spot tests and single-spot tests shall also be performed and the materials shall conform to the required values of coating weight/mass. Steel specimens shall also undergo coating bend tests and shall conform to the required ratio of the inside bend diameter to thickness.

Aluzinc is a substrate that was developed in the 1960s by a company called Bethlehem Steel in America. It was developed as an alternative to galvanised steel which, although providing long-lasting protection, goes through a process of oxidisation. This does eventually seal itself, but the rusty looking edges look very unsightly. Aluzinc does not suffer from this problem.

DURAKOTE ® also provides the base for a far superior paint finish. Rhino Roofing Solutions use high quality polyester paint that generates a durable and weather-resistant, oven baked finish that resists peeling and flaking. We only use paint that conforms to Australian standard AS2728.

Every home is as different as their owner and we can offer a range of colours to suit your style. We also provide a colour matching service for that final, exact match that will add value to your home and give you peace of mind for many years.

Rhino Roofing Solutions also provide metal fascia covers. Fascia are used either as a base for attaching the gutters, or as an attractive cover to hide the fixing space between the roof, eaves or wall. It forms a tidy and attractive edge between the roofing and wall surface. You’ll never have to paint your fascia boards again!

Rhino Roofing Solutions is proud to only use Australian-made products. Australia has a mighty range of severe weather conditions, from physically damaging hail-storms to torrential downpours and cyclones. Rhino Roofing insist on only using products uniquely adapted to Australian conditions.

These products include Ace Gutters, established in 1953 with manufacturing plants that control the entire product process: painting, slitting, roll forming, die-casting, powder coating, storing and transportation. They have a range of guttering solutions specifically suited not only to the Australian climate, but also to Australian house building styles. They proudly display the Australian Made & Owned Logo on gutter, downpipe, fascia, fascia cover, barge soaker and valleys produced by DURAKOTE ®.

The history of gutter cleaning repair in Australia reveals that guttering has been made from several different materials. These mostly represented the best guttering material of their time, with galvanised iron now being replaced by aluminium mixes. Guttering was also made from lead, copper and plastic and while these were good in their time, they all have their own disadvantages and weaknesses: modern guttering has far a longer life-span thanks to their excellent resistance to extreme weather.

All the guttering around the house sufferers from the same weather conditions all year round. If your inspection reveals even just a single rust spot this might indicate that all of your guttering will need to be replaced. There might, however, be a localised problem affecting your guttering, perhaps an overhanging tree or plants growing in or behind your guttering that might warp or otherwise damage your system.

If in doubt, please contact us and we will arrange for one of our experienced team members to give you an honest assessment of what is wrong and what your options are. We are a family run firm and understand that some people may have budget restrictions and we therefore always endeavour to provide the most economical and long-term solution. When it comes to guttering and roofing the consequences can be so serious that is it worth spend a bit more money today, to save you having to spend a lot more in the future.

Rhino Roofing Solutions are accredited members of both the Australian Master Builders Association (MBA) and the Australian Housing Industry Association (HIA).

Master Builders Association (MBA).

The MBA has offices in each state and territory. They have offices in all capital cities and 34 locations throughout metro and regional Australia. The Australian Master Builders Association is an essential and integral part of the nation's building and construction industry.

Membership of Master Builders guarantee a high degree of quality workmanship and confirms that the member maintains the highest standards of skill, integrity and honest responsibility to their clients.

Master Builders is Australia's oldest industry association and was established in Sydney in 1873.

Housing Industry Association (HIA).

The Housing Industry Association is the official body of Australia’s home building industry. For over 60 years the Association has represented the interests of the Australian building industry. Similar to the Master Builder's Association, the HIA has promoted and developed an effective set of good working practices that help to ensure homes built in Australia conform to the best practices and materials available.

Commercial Gutter Repair

Industrial buildings have the same requirements as any residential home when it comes to gutter repairs. Hastings weather can be pretty extreme and an industrial building's roofing requirements are of critical importance to the successful running of that business.

Industrial gutter repair is obviously on a much larger scale than home guttering. And because the areas are larger, this means the coverings used are larger. This can generate stronger forces than apply to a home guttering installation and increase the need for a regular inspection and maintenance program.

In addition, commercial buildings are much higher than residential homes which means only persons trained to work on roofs and gutters at height should carry out inspections.

Similarly to residential homes however, is the wisdom that says if you ignore guttering problems they can develop into hugely expensive problems to fix and may even mean shutting down some of your business's operations.

Most gutters will need to be replaced or repaired at some point but you can greatly extend the life of your guttering system by conducting your own inspections. Here are a few basic symptoms to look for:

  • Check for cracks or splits in your gutter: even the smallest cracks can become much bigger, and quite quickly too. All cracks and splits will let in water which can then penetrate further into your building and cause much more extensive, expensive and difficult to fix damage.
  • Make sure there is no paint peeling around your gutter. Also look for orange discolouration caused by rust. This indicates that water is not being effectively removed by the gutter and that other damage could also be happening.
  • Standing pools of water or mildew around your gutter often mean there is something clogging your water management system. This requires immediate restoration because if this allowed to continue the consequences can be very severe indeed, including damage to the building's foundations.
  • Finally, if your gutters sag or are misshapen in any way, it will mean they are full of water and are being pulled down by their weight. This is usually also caused by improper draining or a blockage caused by debris, such as leaves, plastic and other items.

If this debris has already caused major rusting and damage, then your best option will be to get your guttering replaced. Replacing old iron gutters with Rhino Roofing Solution's modern design and ruggedized gutters will not only provide years of trouble free use, but also makes cleaning the gutters much easier.

If you have any concerns whatsoever about the effectiveness or performance of your guttering system, we strongly recommend you contact us and let one of our professionals give your business premises the sort of honest and professional assessment it deserves. Untreated problems can quickly become serious and expensive to rectify and may even prove to be a threat to your continuing business operations.

For questions or a free quote, please fill out an online enquiry form or talk to our friendly staff on 0476 635 228.